Shutterbug Camp – Kids Learning Photography Camana Bay

This year we had an amazing response to our camp here in Camana Bay. All our bugs proved themselves worthy of the title Official Cayman Islands Shutterbugs.
We had an incredible range of bugs, including two boys all the way from Northern Ireland and quite a few returning from previous camps.
This year saw a lot of jumping…a lot and even Mr B had to join in with a few jumps of his own.
The main objective of the camp, apart from having a ton of fun, was to get our bugs to really start to think about the kind of images they wanted to end up with before clicking the button and there was no end to the different variety of pictures that came from a couple of basic ideas. However after saying that there were a few favourite subjects which always seem to divert the attention of the bugs, in particular Mr B saw a lot of pictures of Ching Chings bathing in the fountains, more than one image of rock lizards and of course plenty of cheeky snaps of himself (he is very camera shy as you can see from the group pictures.)
When asked what Mr B thought made a great picture his reply is always “one with me in it, of course”.
Cayman Islands is such a great place for getting out there and taking pictures and you can’t start at an early enough age, our youngest bug was only seven years old.
Of course Picture This is already planning for next year and we might even pop in an Easter break camp as well. As for you Big Bugs out there we would like to hear from you about the things you would like to learn so we can create a camp for you but bring your good eye if you want to get to the level of our bugs!
Give us a shout on our facebook page and let us know.

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