Family Reunion | In Cayman Islands

Family Reunion | In Cayman Islands

What a beautiful session this turned out to be! Would you believe that just minutes before these gorgeous shot were taken we had rain, and when it rains in Cayman it pores! Im so grateful that some how I was able to make this happen for this beautiful family! As its not every day that the whole family gets to be together in one place at the same time, you learn to cherish these precious moments and take advantage of every minute together, and you do not take this for granted! I know what this photo shoot meant to this wonderful family, and so I’m happy that I was able to adventure them around chasing patches of clear blue skies where ever we found. – Tanya


Session Location and Why you chose it:
We originally chose West Bay dock for the photo shoot. However because of rain Tanya suggested we move the shoot to other locations and it worked out so well. We got some really good photos.
Weather Conditions on day of session:
It was raining and then we had some clear skies and lots of sun.
What is your favorite family activity?
Who are the members of your family and tell me a quick fact about each person:
Nadine (and husband) – lives in Cayman
Wendy (and family)- lives in Zambia
Daniel (and family) – lives in Canada
Mom – lives in Jamaica
This was a family reunion and the photo shoot meant a lot to us as we do not get to see each other often and also to be together in one location.
Tell me about your favorite part of our session, or why you enjoyed the session
I love the fact we were able to go to different locations
Tell me about the outfits you wore to the shoot (where you bought them, why you chose them, etc)
I wanted Mom to really stand out so we chose a bright colour for her.
What props did you bring and why?
My nephew Rhys did not want to leave his turtle – “Sheldon” so the turtle came along with us in some of the shots
What are some words of wisdom you have for other families preparing for a family session?
Have fun! Rhys was not happy at first and he surely made that known as you can see in some of the photos…which I thought was cute and real!
Where you worried about any parts of the session beforehand? If so, what were your worries?
We were worried about the rain. This was “take 2” for us because we had to reschedule from the day because of rain …but it really worked out. Thanks Tanya!!!

Family Reunion | In Cayman IslandsFamily Reunion | In Cayman IslandsFamily Reunion | In Cayman IslandsFamily Reunion | In Cayman IslandsFamily Reunion | In Cayman IslandsFamily Reunion | In Cayman IslandsFamily Reunion | In Cayman Islands