Cayman Islands Photographers | Engagement Style Shoot

Cayman Islands Photographers | Engagement Style Shoot

There is definitely a theme developing in my most recent blogs, where I appear to be taking a lot of shoots at Spotts Beach. I absolutely adore this beach and it has to be one of my favorites on island if not my absolute favorite. The lovely stretch of sand, the dock over the water, the shade from underneath the palm trees the rocky outcrop at the end of the beach, and least not the amazing green turtles. This beach makes for a truly stunning photo location.

With this in mind the location was easily chosen with our two superb models Kamilla & Christien for this great engagement styled shoot. Several wardrobe changes later and after moving around the various locations on the beach we achieved our goal of obtaining all the shots that we were after. With the light quickly fading we called it a day, opened a few bottle of beers and looked back over the images that we had captured. A great end to great day of shooting!


Guy Waller


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