Marriott Grand Cayman Wedding Photography | Catherine & Kenval

Marriott Grand Cayman Wedding Photography | Catherine & Kenval

The sea breeze rolled through the windows of the bridal suite and the bridesmaids buzzed around the room in matching robes. They laughed loudly, adjusted the music volume, and toasted. Her family and friends ooh’d and ahh’d when they saw her dress and swooned when she donned her heels. This was her moment .. and they wanted her to revel in it.

Kenval waited for his bride at the end of a long church aisle. He took a deep breath just before she made the walk to remember before they collapsed into each others’ arms. They swayed to the sound of their heartbeats, Catherine only pulling away to show her wedding dress. They married under the bright beautiful stain-glass of a Grand Cayman Church surrounded by everyone they love. Catherine and Kenval made the commitment to love and cherish .. and promised forever to each other and their families.

Catherine and Kenval, you are magical. There are no other ways around it. Your love is like the moon, keeping those around you happily in your orbit. You are magnetic and make people around you want to get even closer. Thank you for the honour of documenting your first day as husband and wife. I hope you continue to foster love doves in your life because it keeps things beautifully unpredictable. Much appreciation ..

– Chad Munro

A very LARGE thank you goes to the amazing team who brought this day to life ..
Wedding Venue: Marriott Grand Cayman Resort
Wedding Planner: Sarah Parker of Save The Date
Decor: A1 Rentals