What is a Cinematic Film?

This is the centerpiece of our work! Your Cinematic Film is a short and sweet movie produced with timeless yet modern filming techniques. This beautifully crafted cinematic movie is bursting with emotion and love. Each scene is delicately woven together to tell your story in what would be the most powerful short film you will ever watch. Depending on your package, your film will be 3-8 minutes of the best clips, moments and sound bites from your wedding day




What is a Complete Ceremony and what does it include?

This is a documentary/news style edit. All natural audio, no music. Three camera angles will be synchronized and mixed together. The length of this video will be roughly the actual length of your ceremony, from start to finish.

What is Bonus Material?

A lightly edited selection of all the raw highlights of your wedding. This is a simple yet very fun-to-watch and memorable part of the package. From prep to dancing, you’ll get the old fashioned joy of watching a video that relives the sights and sounds of your actual wedding day. Length of Bonus Material will vary depending on content and length of wedding.


A destination wedding involves not only your wedding day but really, the entire experience of your adventures with family and friends leading up to that big day. Whether it’s swimming with stingrays, snorkeling, or a rehearsal dinner, we would love to be there to capture those moments! Please ask us more about this option and we would be thrilled to plan your very own custom wedding film package!


What is a Slow Motion Booth?

An extremely fun and interactive photo experience at your wedding. We setup a fun environment with our camera, LED lighting, and a nice backdrop and then coach your guests on some totally fun things they can do in front of our super high frame camera. All the footage is recorded, brought back to our studio, and edited into a crazy fun video. Sample video:

How will we receive our films?

The final product will be delivered in a USB drive. The wedding film will be available in two formats – the full HD version and a more compressed format that is ideal for saving on your ipad/smartphone/tablet. Check out a timelapse video of our editor hard at work:

What is your approach to photographing and filming a wedding day?
Our approach is purely candid storytelling, with very little direction. We prefer capturing the events of your day as they unfold naturally. In fact, many couples choose us for their wedding videography because our wedding films look natural and people don’t look posed.


Who chooses the music?

As filmmakers, having the creative freedom to choose the soundtrack to your wedding film is absolutely crucial to how we go about editing and telling your story. Music plays a huge part in setting the tone for the film, and our experienced editors know which track will fit best for your film. Just as you knew when he was “the one,” our editors know when the song is right. We haven’t had a single complaint about soundtracks so far!

However, if you absolutely have a specific taste in music or a specific song in mind, feel free to discuss this with us and we will try our best to work it out.
How much of a deposit do we put down in order to secure the date? And when’s the total amount due? 

$600 CI  ($750 US) non-refundable retainer due to reserve the date. Balance due prior or latest on the wedding date. Your date is not secured until the retainer is paid in full. The remainder balance is due 30 days before your wedding.

When will I receive my video?

We will do our best to deliver the final product within three months.


What does consecutive hour really mean?

Our hours of coverage are continuous. For example, we are contracted for 10 hours and our start time is 10:00, you have our unlimited coverage from then till 20:00.


How can I share my video with my friends and family?

We host your Cinematic Film online, so that friends and family across the globe can cherish in your big day. The online film is viewable in stunning high definition clarity, which means they’ll be able to see all the joyful tears and tender moments of your wedding

Do you have any advice or suggestion to help in the production of our film?

Absolutely we do!

  1. Optimize the breadth and depth of the reception speech ceremony.

Please make sure the speakers stand underneath the spotlight or at the podium while delivering their speeches, as in previous weddings, several speakers have moved a bit too much for our videographers to film them properly. The speech ceremony will appear much better on film if speakers try their best to mostly stand still during their speeches.


  1. Have a slow entrance and exit at the ceremony.

You’ve just gotten married, you’ve made the most important decision of your life, now go slow and take it easy. There’s no need to rush, especially on your wedding day, you’ve got your entire married life ahead of you. Enjoy these moments, as the slow stride to and from the ceremony lasting mere minutes will be etched in your mind forever. For our videographers and video cinematographers also, a slower-paced walk appears more elegant and graceful, and really adds depth to the storytelling experience. For the photographers, they’ll have more time and better opportunities to take your best wedding day shots.